Friday, August 31, 2018

Money in Politics

Money in politics is dangerous. Special interests and wealthy contributors skew the direction of our public policy in ways that do not represent the needs of our community. During a presidential debate in 2016, Bernie Sanders said, “To my mind, if we do not get a handle on money in politics and the degree to which big money controls the political process in this country, nobody is going to bring about the changes that (are) needed in this country for the middle class and working families.” I cannot express loudly enough how much I agree with this sentiment. Nothing is a more egregious example of this than the frightening trend of candidates at the level of local government who insist that campaigns cannot be successful without massive fundraising efforts. I reject the assumption that your vote can be bought. Half of the current Hillsboro City Council candidates do not intend to spend over $750. I am committed to a conservationist campaign. I refuse to load landfills with plastic and metal political signs. I am asking for votes, not donations. Please join me to support working families, local farms, and our city. I’m a public servant, not a politician, and I am here to serve you. You can reach me by email, at, or on Twitter @ericmuehter.
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