Monday, October 8, 2018

Measure 102 - Vote YES! - Support Affordable Housing

Voting YES on Oregon Measure 102 will empower voters to decide how funds are used, and enable Hillsboro the possibility to obtain additional funding for housing without cost to taxpayers.

I urge you all to support this effort to address the housing crisis. The issue of Oregon Measure 102 addresses a problem which restricts the use of bond revenue. Affordable housing built using bond revenue, under the current laws, must be owned by the government without accepting any private contributions. The measure was unanimously approved by the Oregon House of Representatives, but it requires a public vote to become law. Passing 102 would allow Hillsboro to accept additional funding from developers or investors, to combine those funds with bond revenue, resulting in the potential for much greater funding available to address the housing crisis in our city.

Both of the leading candidates for Governor support this measure, along with many other groups including AARP Oregon, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, League of Women Voters of Oregon, Oregon AFSCME, and Oregon Education Association. If approved, we as voters will be allowed to approve or deny proposals for housing, and the resulting construction projects will create additional funding, jobs, and opportunity for Oregonians.

Please support this effort to solve the housing crisis in Hillsboro, and support a powerful free-market under the power of the people, by voting YES on Measure 102 in November.

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