Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Measure 103 - Vote NO! - Unnecessary Constitutional Amendment

Measure 103 would create tax loopholes that will not benefit the people of Oregon. It would be a dangerous precedent that creates different levels of tax liability based upon what type of products are sold by a business, and permanently locks in tax rates for multi-billion-dollar corporations, and it would embed that into the Oregon Constitution. Never in our entire nation has such an amendment been created, and it doesn't make sense here.

Legal experts believe, if the measure is approved, that many current taxes would become unconstitutional and be repealed. These include the fuel tax, healthcare funding, and the bottle bill. This would lead to more recyclables being dumped into our landfills, and create a funding crisis that would undermine road maintenance and result in massive job losses.

Part of Measure 103 is an attack on healthcare funding, and if it passes, many senior citizens and low-income families will lose what little healthcare coverage they have now. There has never been an Oregon state tax on groceries, and that will not change regardless of whether this measure is approved or not. I urge you to vote NO on Measure 103, as do a long list of organizations including the Oregon Environmental Council, AARP Oregon, AFL-CIO, and the American Cancer Society.

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